Financial Engineering
The Symphony G2 meets the needs of diverse, global users by providing support on a single platform for valuation, structuring, and workflow operations in the front, middle, and back office. It excels in financial engineering, the complex process of calculating the risk factors and fair values of derivative products, which has been an area of keen interest for industry experts since the end of the previous century.
Mission Critical Operation
Financial engineering software is a crucial tool which is not only limited to financial institutions such as commercial and investment banks, insurance companies, hedge fund, asset and pension fund managers. Mission critical divisions such as the treasuries of various companies are the main beneficiaries of financial engineering software.
Sophisticated Software
Financial engineering software requires high-end software technology and sophisticated programming. This means not only the knowledge of general software programming but also numerical algorithm programming. Thus, financial engineering can only be run on highly complex programming, which includes self-modifying code as well as the kernel language.
ITS boasts of highly skilled, cross-disciplinary experts comprised of specialists in finance, mathematics, statistics, and computer science, who have come together to bring to life the comprehensive services of ITS software solutions. Coupled with experience and professionalism, we have built a strong reputation for reliable expertise within the finance-technology industry.
The original Symphony platform had been limited to the Korean market, but since 2008, ITS has upgraded and enhanced the program to develop its second generation, the Symphony G2. As was the original, the G2 is a single platform solution but it is also able to integrate with client systems in sub-products to meet specific needs. The sub-products within the Symphony G2 are: Financial Engineering Calculation Engine (FDK), Product Control (SPC), Trading and Position (STP), Back Office (SBO), and The Smart Quant (SSQ). The Smart Quant (SSQ) is an ASP (Application Service Providing) with embedded market data for immediate and ease of use by the client.
The Symphony series had been under development since the start of ITS and was officially launched in 2004. And for the following decade, ITS was the only provider of front-to-back software systems for financial derivatives and structured operations in Korea. And we are proud to have retained most of the original founding members of the company to this day. This serves as a testimony to not only the extensive degree of experience that we offer, but also the quality and passion of a company managed by its founding members.
Public Confidence
To better serve the asset pricing needs of the market, ITS invested FN Pricing Inc. in the year 2011. Valuation services are strictly regulated in Korea and can only be provided by the handful of companies that are licensed, having met the high standards and qualifications of the Financial Supervisory Service. FN Pricing is one of the four licensed firms that provide valuation services for the accounting of all financial and public institutions in South Korea.