OTC Clearing
The SBO provides clearing services consistent with national regulations as well as the Dodd-Frank and EMIR (European Market Infrastructure Regulation). It also supports CCP (Central Counter Party) clearing with interfacing for the products approved by the CCP of each country.
Regulatory Reports
The SBO generates necessary back office documents including regulatory and internal reports. It also allows the user to manage and organize various contract-related documents of derivatives and structured product trades.
Collateral Management
The SBO processes collateral registration, cancellations and changes for all trades. A central inventory pool manages all collaterals, and the user is able to make changes following any revaluations.
Liquidity Reports
The SBO provides inventory and multi-currency cash in/out information of trades and life cycle events. It also computes the expected cash flow and multi-currency liquidity gap analyses of position revaluations.
Accounting Journals
The SBO monitors all accounting information and generates an accounting journal for all transactions including trades, life cycle events, settlements, etc. The accounting journal is also made for realized and unrealized P/L from mark-to-market revaluations. The user is able to easily interface the accounting journal data as needed, and produce income statements and balance sheets.
Job Schedule and System Settings
The SBO monitors and manages records of intraday revaluation, event operation requests, interface data requests, etc. The system settings allow the user to manage the organizational hierarchy and user registrations, as well as the audit trail. The user is able to further customize the front, middle and back office systems through the workflow settings for optimal ease of use.
The SBO boasts an efficient and professional platform that optimizes each user’s unique set of tasks while minimizing total cost for handling even the most diverse and complex financial assets.

- API on Linux, Unix, Windows-based C, C++, C#, Java
  allowing external systems to interface static data from the SBO
- Customization of back office processes and document generation
  on the Symphony G2 platform to meet needs of the user
- UI/UX based on RIA (Rich Internet Application)

Trading Report
  • Regulatory reports generation
  • Internal reports generation
  • Deal slip, transaction records and cash flow reports
  • Confirmation and affirmation reports

Settlement & Closing
  • Settlement confirmation and instruction
  • Position valuation confirmation
  • Settlement calendar
  • Daily business closing
  • Fiscal accounting closing

Job Schedule
  • Revaluations job monitoring
  • Life cycle job monitoring
  • Accounting closing job monitoring
  • Interface data request job monitoring
  • Monitoring of all works from front, middle and back office

  • Underlying inventory
  • Collateral assignment
  • Collateral registration and changes
  • Collateral revaluation

System Setting
  • Registration of organizational structure
  • User registration and authority assignment
  • Workflow setting
  • User-defined code registration
  • Plug-in model registration